Dynamic, easy to operate subcompact tractors

Kioti CS系列

Are you looking for a compact tractor that is easy to operate, comfortable to drive and reliable? 用于割草, 前装载机工作, towing a horse trailer and other common farm, yard or garden activities? Then the Kioti CS series subcompact tractors (21-25 hp) are just what you need! They may be the smallest in our range, but they easily have the power and lifting capacity to help you complete a wide range of tasks.


What else do the compact tractors excel at?

From transporting hay bales to clearing leaves, 清理马厩, 清算修剪, mowing grass and carrying out daily chores, CS series tractors can do it all. 此外, they are suitable for very specific tasks such as levelling a riding arena at a riding school. Even for work on a campsite, this machine can add value. This further underlines the machine’s versatility

But specifically, the CS series tractors excel because of the following features:

The tractors in the CS series have a compact design. This makes manoeuvring in small spaces such as gardens, orchards and tight paths possible.

CS series tractors are designed with comfortable operation in mind. They have ergonomic controls and a comfortable seat, allowing users to reduce fatigue during long working days.

Like other series from Kioti, the tractors in the CS series are versatile and come equipped with implements. This includes mowers, front loaders, brooms or snow ploughs. 简而言之, you can use this machine for any task. Provided you own the right tools.

Kioti is known for the reliability of its machines, and the CS series is no exception. These tractors are built to last long and reliably, even in demanding conditions. Thus offering you years of worry-free enjoyment!

简而言之, the Kioti CS series offers you a combination of power, 机动性, versatility and reliability in a compact tractor.

Why choose a subcompact tractor?

The Kioti brand subcompact tractors offer a broad range of benefits. With a focus on comfort and versatility in use, they are ideal for various farm tasks. Not only are these tractors suitable for towing a small trailer, the CS series machines can even handle a horse trailer. 很明显, they are equipped with a front loader, making them even more practical in performing various tasks.

简而言之, these compact tractors are perfect for a wide variety of tasks. And this is partly due to the following three USPs that every machine in the range includes:


The CS系列 has a 3-cylinder diesel engine that is powerful, 经济, and compliant with the STAGE V emission guidelines.


Choose between manual transmission and hydrostatic transmission. Both are very manoeuvrable and allow for a quick forward and reverse operation.


享受动力转向, an ergonomic driver platform and controls, a dashboard that lights up and a clear view of the implements at all times, thanks to the streamlined design of the tractor.

Our models in the CS系列

Choose the CS model that best suits your needs.

c2520h - ge HST

The Kioti CS 2520 HST-GE is a powerful and comfortable compact tractor. 它有溢价,5马力柴油机, large lift capacity and twin HST pedals for effortless forward and reverse movement. The operator will be very comfortable in this tractor, 多亏了宽敞, ergonomic operator station. It even has an adjustable steering wheel, so that the operator works in the most ergonomic, comfortable way possible! 发现 all the great features of the Kioti CS 2520 here, or find a dealer close to you to experience this workhorse yourself!

Kioti 2520

cs2220 U-EU机甲

With the Kioti CS 2220 subcompact tractor, you can quickly and efficiently complete a wide range of jobs. This may be our smallest tractor at 21 horsepower, but with a premium watercooled diesel engine, a rear and mid PTO and many other smart features, you can use this tractor for a lot of different, 要求的工作. 发现 all characteristics here, or find a dealer to experience them for yourself!

Kioti cs 2510 HST

c2510 HST

The Kioti c2510 HST is a compact and agile compact tractor that takes you wherever you need to go and helps you with a wide variety of jobs. It has a nice lift capacity, power steering and is lightweight, which makes this a great tractor for all the tough tasks around a farm, estate or other outside areas. 发现 all its great features here, or experience them yourself through a Kioti dealer in your area! 


Need help choosing the right tractor?

Our dealers are happy to advise you, let you go for a test drive to experience the qualities of Kioti for yourself and will tell you all about Kioti CS tractor prices!